The Darkevir

Symbol_by_SeraphimProphetsThe Darkevir is a resistance group that publicly announced itself as a sworn enemy to all foreign affairs in Sutherland. They exist all over the country and terrorize the Vermillion and Avangelist civilians. Their goal is to return Sutherland to its traditional ways before it was divided by the superpowers. They routinely attempt attacks on areas and people of interest, and are even assumed responsible for the collapse of the Haruka Mines, which led to the death of hundreds of Sutherland and Vermillion workers. It is considered an act of terrorism to speak of them and many citizens are put in work prisons for this. Even still, the Sutherlanians look toward silently as they believe in the Darkevir’s plan for a new Sutherland, free from its oppressors.

Their leader is merely known as Hero, a shadowy figure,who may or may not even exist. Hero is considered to be a symbol and as such, anyone can be Hero, or no one at all. Regardless of his\her existence, the impact that the Darkevir have had on foreign influence is undeniable. Much of the harder to reach/maintain areas of Sutherland that is controlled by Vermillion has been abandoned. Vermillion and Avangelist diplomats are terrified to visit the region, and the Darkevir have such a vast network of communication that it is almost impossible to be caught by surprise from the militaries.

It is possible for Horo to join the Darkevir as an associate. As he gains there trust, his actions will have a strong impact on the terrorists and the future of the nation itself. Will you crush the resistance and bring peace and order to the war stricken land? Or will you work to expel the foreign menace and bring Sutherland back into its glory? Like most other things, the choice is yours, but granted by Goddess Shi’s will.


Sanctuary: A New Hope

So it’s 2 AM right now, and I should be asleep, but I was on Dark Souls and stuff. Anyway, I just happened to browsing my computer files and found a copy of Sanctuary that is MUCH more recent(we’re talking days, not months) than the version I had to use since losing the most recent copy(thanks alot dropbox…) So basically this a update telling of the great news of Sanctuary. And now I must sleep.


Get it? 'cause the Nobodies don't exist...or something, KH lore is some damn confusing.

Why We Exist

Today I experienced several things:

  • Things can escalate quickly.
  • I have no more schoolwork.
  • We have fans.

When I first started making, or trying to make a games it was because I really wanted to play a Code Geass english game. However at the time, and even 4-5 years later, there are still no official english Code Geass games. In fact, counting Code Geass: Painful Memories, there is only one other Code Geass game in english being developed. As you know-or don’t, that 4 year project was too large-scale and grandiose for a team of 1, and is currently discontinued.

Claymore was posted here a little over a month ago, as well as a poll to show how subscribers felt about the game and whether or not it should be continued, a side project, or abandoned. This is because we currently are working on Sanctuary(which has been hit by a setback), while Iscariot and Another Story are also in production. It’s been awhile since the poll has been up and 2(count ’em!) people voiced their opinions on the matter. The problem is, that…well they both chose two different options which ultimately doesn’t mean anything since there is no majority, or even a good amount of research collected. I then chose to work on it in my choosing, but here is what really iterated why we can not stop making Claymore:


This user from expressed, in short, their support for this game. It really made feel justified and happy for doing this, because as a Monster Hunter fan, I can tell you that is very annoying having to deal with games not being localized. So Alza1234, from Fenrir Studios to you, we thank you for your support and we will continue working on it.

Bad News Bears

Well, as the title says, bad news be here. I have lost the most recent version of Sanctuary, and have to fall ┬áback on a slightly older version. I haven’t fully taken a look at it to see how older, but it seems to be pretty recent(Glad I’ve been slacking off on Sanctuary!) I did upload the modern version to Dropbox but apparently, it didn’t overwrite a older backup. Well that’s about it folks, but to not leave on a somber tone I give you lols:

It’s Raining So…

…I should be working on schoolwork right now, but it’s really boring I feel the urge to post! Not much in the line of meaningful updates for the games or general news, in fact this post isn’t directly related to that stuff at all; it’s about North Korea.

Chances are you’ve heard the latest stream of news coming from “bellicose”( I’ve seen this word so many times in recent that I hate it) towards the world, specifically North America, Japan, and South Korea. I won’t pretend that I am an expert on what’s going on or know all the facts, but basically the DPRK(Derpy Democatic People’s Republic of Korea) believes that it needs nuclear weapons to defend itself against the global community. What nation in this modern period wants ANYTHING to do with North Korea? China is their only ally of relevance and I doubt that relationship is reliable. My problem is they spend all their resources on their military(which is hopelessly outdated anyway) and not on the impoverish and starving masses. I also blame the world itself for just letting all the in humanities that occur their to happen while we just pretend it doesn’t matter. Remember what happen when the world just turned a blind eye to Nazi Germany? Now with the “Threat of the Day” specials from North Korea, Americans are acting with either characteristic:

Begging North Korea to attack us so that our missile defense system can take them down and then start a nuclear holocaust on North Korea and its citizens.

Synomynizing Kim as a child and referring to him as “Fatty”

The problem with warmongers is that North Korea isn’t causing issues, its Kim and the ideology that his family and the government are teaching, brainwashing the ignorant civilians. It wouldn’t be wise just “Frag Out” and cause the deaths of millions, but maybe something more covert…

Calling Kim a child and other names do nothing more than make a serious situation appear light. Yes this isn’t the first time that North Korea has issued suicidal threats in hopes of economic relief, but this time Kim has dug a hole for himself. He is still relatively new in office and needs to show strength in front of his people, and specifically his military. I don’t believe he expected the US to call his bluffs, and now is being pushed in a corner. Will he fail to deliver and become the laughing-stock of the world(not that he isn’t already) and face the negative effect among his people? Or will he become so desperate that he makes the move that wipes out North Korea?

China is a strong ally on his side, but that was 40 years ago when it was in China’s interests. Now China is an economic powerhouse, surpassing even the US, the last thing they would want is to become involved in a war of no gain for them. China has been in a shadow war with America since the Cold War, while not directly engaging America, they’ve been linked to several conflicts that America has been involved in to stop. What I’m saying, is that to take the situation with North Korea seriously and not be “Arm Chair Generals”. That’s it guys, until next time!

Where does Claymore fate lie?

It’s been around a week since I uploaded the Claymore demo, I am interested in your opinion on the fate of the game, as I said, I will continue proactive development if there was enough support. I will leave this poll up for one week.

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Really Catchy Title

I’ve wanted to have a a custom domain(drop the “”) for a long time now, and I also want to change to the url from “brokenmessiah16” to “fenrirstudios”. I can’t right now because I don’t have any online money, but later if I put some on paypal(if I can figure that out) I will. It should redirect you to the new website if this works out.

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I’ll take a update…and POST IT!!!


Well, its been almost a year since I created this blog, and it’s been pretty interesting. Its the successor to the old website and hopefully in the future I plan on buying a domain for it. Now to them updates:

  • Mass has joined our(or at least NOW I can say our) ranks as the story writer. He has been influential in the past(most importantly it was through his ideas that Sanctuary was re-imagined) and I know that he will continue to be an asset. As always we are still open for new members, everyone can contribute in some way, even if its just advertising with internet banners(which I need to make…)
  • Sanctuary was experiencing some slowdowns due to how the game-play flows and the problems associated with play-testing it. Now we’re on the better end of battle in that regard.
  • Still eager for comments about Claymore, as it is a experimental project that may or may not have continuation(and I really want to continue it, but not if it is a bad game or a bad idea)
  • Iscariot still needs someone with programming(Ruby-RGSS2) knowledge to design the skills in-game. They are very important to game-play, and really makes the game stick out from other tactical games.
  • Sanctuary: Another Story is a visual novel spinoff of the original game. If there is someone or a group of people interested in being a part of it, PLEASE contact us. I am very eager to see this parody come to life.
  • I would like for Fenrir Studios to have its own personalized logo. I could do it myself, but I kind of suck at those things and besides, I want to make it more community connected. If you are interested in having your logo appear in every Fenrir Studios game, please contact us. As all Fenrir Studio games are freeware, all work involved is voluntary; just keep that in mind.

If we can achieve at least one of these goals by the end of May(which would be this website anniversary of being created) that would be great.

Until next time,

Broken Messiah – Fenrir Studios

Them Silver-eyed Witches!

In a little pet project I started after rewatching Claymore, I remade the entire first volume in game form. Its pretty visually interesting imo, and I would love to show it, but I am having issues uploading it, but know that it will show up.

Screenshot of the inital scene

Screenshot of the inital scene

Update to Sanctuary: Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Revisions here and there
  • Updated Plot:

“The story follows the experiences Horo Schiffer and his allies have as graduates of a school for introducing the way the world works. Through doing good deeds he gains the favor of the various goddesses and eventually is allowed access to their shrines, a feat rarely achieved any more. At the same time the entity known as Sorrow puts in motion a plan to open a path between dimensions to allow for his now immortal army to return to the living world and to crush Seraphim; which now comprises of most of humanity. Later on Horo will becme directly involved in this inter-dimensional conflict and find out that his ancestors may have been responsible for Stransfell Unions fate.”

I want to add more, but it would lead to spoilers…