Character Database #1

“I am the bringer of the Tide… the Wave that will wash clean this unclean World.”

Name: Talon Jagerjaques
Age: 29

He was found as a infant aboard a wrecked pirate ship by the Seraphim Navy. Under Captain Alvos, he received schooling and later enlisted in the Navy to pay off his debt. After a naval battle marooned him on a island, he was captured by a group of pirates outside Incidia. It was Alan Vizier that alone protected him from the death and who he eventually fell in love with. All this came to a abrupt end when a patrol boat discovered him and alerted the Navy of the pirate activity. With the threat of hanging for piracy, he cowardly denied all connections between the very same pirates that sheltered him. The entire island was swarmed and the pirates that didn’t get killed were brought back to Incidia to be hanged. Jagerjaques was promoted to Captain of “13th Wing” and to test his loyalty was personally in charge of issuing the death sentences. His natural lust for power allowed him to spare no one-friends or foes- however when Alan’s turn came he hesitated. His emotions overrode his loyalty and he gave her a pardon that, while disputed, could not be overthrown. Jagerjaques continued his service for several more years until the “13th Wing” intercepted a infamous pirate ship “Seawolf” and a battle ensued. Although the 13th Wing had more firepower, the Seawolf had more men. The Seawolf’s overwhelming numbers were cut down by the power of the 13th Wing, and the last portion of the battle was close quarters. When the Pirate Captain warned Jagerjaques and his men to pull out before reinforcements arrived, which only spurred his men to fight harder. In the midst of the chaos, he spotted Alan about to be overtaken by soldiers. In a rush of reawakened emotions he called for a immediate retreat. The pirates, in their all but decimated positions, did not continue to attack. His choice to save Alan once more brought heat on him when several soldiers recognized her. His loyalty and character were put in shambles and he was demoted for his decision to retreat from a sure victory against one of the most notorious pirate ships in the region. When news of the naval expeditions reached homeland, the civilians began to question the integrity of the Seraphim Navy, as at the time several slave trading and pirate related events had links to several high level members in the Navy. For his shameful actions and the rumors circulating he was stripped of his position and charged with compiracy against the Empire. For his valor and deeds in battle, he was thrown in the Imperial Prison for 20 years. However due to the self-serving actions of Admiral Lyon Vanguard, he was to be executed. At the execution, he saw Alan yet again, in line to be executed by a firing squad. When he tried to speak to her she bitterly showed her resentment towards him for betraying her and all of her fellow friends. Jagerjaques languish for her love made him no longer desire to live. In the moments before his execution was to be carried out, a large explosion erupted in Xandernorf. In the confusion all of the soldiers scattered to see what occurred, which allowed for Jagerjaques and Alan to escape. Although Jagerjaques hoped Alan would come with him, his hopes were crushed when she said, “I’d rather die than go with the man that condemned my brothers!” As he lived on the run from the authorities he began to want revenge against Vanguard, and his feelings for Alan became more bitter. He began to see humanity, including himself, as traitorous beasts that devour each other for self gain. This began his desired ‘solution’ for these beasts. He would later go on to exact his revenge against Vanguard, and for reason he cannot explain he still searches for Alan…


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