Team Schiffer vs Administration!

Welcome to the Administrative Challenge Arena! Here any complaints the citizens of the Seraphim Empire have against their government or any domestic dispute outcome is determined. Here is Team Schiffer(right) vs Administrator Randolph’s Fraccion(Left). What makes battling here different than any other area? Here the battle landscape arbitrarily changes which has adverse effects on the battle participants!

Weapon Triangle Complete!

Well, with the weapons and classes taken from Fire Emblem, it only makes since that I’d have a Weapon Triangle in Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings.

In case you’re unsure of what that is, it is a concept that a sword user would win against a axe user, a axe user would win against a lance, and lance user would win against a sword. This brings a all new strategy to bringing characters and weapons to battle. There are also the ‘exception’ weapons such as Swordslayer, a axe that reverses the triangle, making it good against swords and weak against lances.

There may also be a Magic Triangle(or polygon of some sort)…

Just to note, Bows do not fall into the triangle and are weak against all three types, but are effective against magic(logic being a spell-caster would be paranoid of being shot while casting a drawn out spell) and extremely effective against flying targets(compliments of the class system involving Pegasus and Wyverns, although this will also include any monster that normally flies.)

What do you guys think about the Magic Triangle and Bow? For Magic:

  • Agi(Fire)
  • Bufu(Ice)
  • Zio(Lightning)
  • Garu(Wind)

What would be a good advantage/disadvantage setup?

NOTE: Hama(Light) and Mudo(Darkness) do not fall under any triangle or advantage/disadvantage setup due to their instant death nature.

Monster Hunter…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the game franchise. For those of you who haven’t its a series of games that have you set as a Hunter for hire to slay colossal monsters ranging from dinosaurs to dragons. Armed with a vast array of weaponry and armor you take these beasts on solo or in a multiplayer party. When I first tried this game I didn’t care for the slow pace and hard learning curve this game(Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) so I gave it up for Gods Eater Burst(Fenrir Studios banner is the Marduk aragami from it’s sequel God Eater 2). Hands down, as it stands Gods Eater Burst is my all time favorite game because of how fast pace and exciting the game is with incredibly dynamic battles and a great storyline. Well, after reaching 70-80ish hours into Gods Eater Burst I decided that I would try similar titles again. There is Lord of Arcana, which at first sucked horribly, but you have to give it time and Monster Hunter.  After playing MHFU for a few hours today, I feel like it can be enjoyable as Gods Eater Burst, I just have to stick with it.

Materials Page? Maybe.

If you are a fellow RPGMAKER user then you would’ve at sometime went to a persons blog or website that hosted material that they created to be publically available. The best example I can think of is It’s where I get a large amount of the resources that I normally use, and me, being a passive spriter feel like I should be giving back more to the RPGMAKER community. For reasons mentioned, I think I may create a page dedicated to that. It would mostly be VX but really anything could be there. I might even take requests…

A Few Updates…

I have changed how the Horse Combat will be, whereas instead of there being a physical appearance of a horse-pegasus-wyvern it is to represented by an icon similar to how status effects are shown. This is because I do not know how to implement the original idea into the game. I was thinking something along the lines of how Magitek armor looked in Final Fantasy 6 but for now, it will be icons.

Smaller changes include weapons having level requirements, the removal of armor etc.

In other news, I changed the story to Remnant Squadron, however it is too early in the development stages for a dedicated page or more specific information. Well that’s all folks, until next time.

Starting on Game Manual

I am now, after finishing the class system have decided to take on the task of the Game Manual. I should have done this a long time ago, as I can hardly expect someone who hasn’t read the manual to understand how to play the game. It will be done in OneNote and distributed as a Notebook and as a PDF.


With the addition of classes, the requirement for mounting is precedent. I’m not sure how this will work but I speculate that the player would be able to buy and “equip” a horse if their class is a mounted class. Then in battle the horse(or pegasus or wyvern) would allow the player to attack faster.

Class System Is Now Functional

I have finished implementing the class system in Sanctuary. Players of the Fire Emblem series will be familiar with the classes as I used the classes from Fire Emblem. There is also the Promotion System that will allow the player, after achieving some goal.or.objective to advance their class. For example, a Mercenary is a starting class, and it promotes to either Hero or Ranger.