Monster Hunter…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the game franchise. For those of you who haven’t its a series of games that have you set as a Hunter for hire to slay colossal monsters ranging from dinosaurs to dragons. Armed with a vast array of weaponry and armor you take these beasts on solo or in a multiplayer party. When I first tried this game I didn’t care for the slow pace and hard learning curve this game(Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) so I gave it up for Gods Eater Burst(Fenrir Studios banner is the Marduk aragami from it’s sequel God Eater 2). Hands down, as it stands Gods Eater Burst is my all time favorite game because of how fast pace and exciting the game is with incredibly dynamic battles and a great storyline. Well, after reaching 70-80ish hours into Gods Eater Burst I decided that I would try similar titles again. There is Lord of Arcana, which at first sucked horribly, but you have to give it time and Monster Hunter.  After playing MHFU for a few hours today, I feel like it can be enjoyable as Gods Eater Burst, I just have to stick with it.


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