Weapon Triangle Complete!

Well, with the weapons and classes taken from Fire Emblem, it only makes since that I’d have a Weapon Triangle in Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings.

In case you’re unsure of what that is, it is a concept that a sword user would win against a axe user, a axe user would win against a lance, and lance user would win against a sword. This brings a all new strategy to bringing characters and weapons to battle. There are also the ‘exception’ weapons such as Swordslayer, a axe that reverses the triangle, making it good against swords and weak against lances.

There may also be a Magic Triangle(or polygon of some sort)…

Just to note, Bows do not fall into the triangle and are weak against all three types, but are effective against magic(logic being a spell-caster would be paranoid of being shot while casting a drawn out spell) and extremely effective against flying targets(compliments of the class system involving Pegasus and Wyverns, although this will also include any monster that normally flies.)

What do you guys think about the Magic Triangle and Bow? For Magic:

  • Agi(Fire)
  • Bufu(Ice)
  • Zio(Lightning)
  • Garu(Wind)

What would be a good advantage/disadvantage setup?

NOTE: Hama(Light) and Mudo(Darkness) do not fall under any triangle or advantage/disadvantage setup due to their instant death nature.


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