We Need Your Help

It donned on me(while I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) that Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings would naturally contain the stories of players and characters in the world in it as readable material. While we could conjure all these stories, I think it would be more interesting if we were given stories from people like you. So, if you enjoy writing we could certainly use your talents. Here are the guidelines:

  • Unlimited Amount of stories(Well, there is a limit, but its really high)
  • We will also more than likely modify the story here and there to match the lore of the game, but we will ok this with you first.
  • Any names, locations, Proper Nouns are considered placeholders unless it can be incorporated into the story in a¬†usable¬†manner.

A Small Change

You may have noticed that when you came here(if you have came here in the past) that you no longer see the static homepage aka “Welcome to the Den” I felt that the News section was more important and statistics showed that people were looking at the “Welcome to the Den” and then stopping. So the News section is now the default homepage as it is more important.

By The Raven Posted in News