We Need Your Help

It donned on me(while I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) that Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings would naturally contain the stories of players and characters in the world in it as readable material. While we could conjure all these stories, I think it would be more interesting if we were given stories from people like you. So, if you enjoy writing we could certainly use your talents. Here are the guidelines:

  • Unlimited Amount of stories(Well, there is a limit, but its really high)
  • We will also more than likely modify the story here and there to match the lore of the game, but we will ok this with you first.
  • Any names, locations, Proper Nouns are considered placeholders unless it can be incorporated into the story in a usable manner.

9 comments on “We Need Your Help

  1. Day: 263
    I have been walking this godforsaken path of a lonesome road now far to long with my lonlyness as my only company. Time pass by faster and faster…
    Where is it going? Where am i going? Have been month since last town that now is no more.
    Have been years since i heard “his” voise.

    This day is a day of change 
    a day to fight for 
    a day to live for
    This day…i walk new land.
    This green fields of _____  will be mine.
    No border can stop me, no wall can block
    me, since i’m only the spiret of the new messiah.

    • “This will be the first page the player will find. Other it will be the only page left in the diary-covers (or as a singel page) next to the dead wonderer (he has no name in this life) other in the middel of the desert/or in a small tempel somewhere ((if he died in a bed in a town and the ppl of the town wanted to give him a real grave…he was a good man after all)or(members of a cult that him in a past life made(good or evil cult))/ or if he died in a town mby someone of the famely members that hade him at his last moment think the player remember him/her about the mysteryes man and give the player the page in hope that the player are the one the mysteryes man was refering to.(But then it would be like a quest…i whant it to be more a mystery spread out around the world that u can pussel together if u are intressed in the story… Like a unmarkt and unrewarding quest)”

      Life: 6
      Day: 6539
      There is no surprise that after six lifes with the same notebook it start to fallapart.
      Is this my makeing of happening? So someone, some speacl one, will find it?
      If so…WHO are you?
      Are you me or a other soul in this web of forsen paths?
      Im only a man, a thinker, a man of wondering and belifs.
      Only a man that know nothing of my previous lifes.
      A man who with his last strangh write down my life anwsers to my questions.
      Im the man who walkt my life in solitude and a robe, colored by the desert sand.
      Walkt a path of questions I dont know why I did it.

    • [a weird tomb made of black leather and renforst at the edgs with black steel that is put on with bolts. Lockt with a chain and a magic lock(a eye (it is clost right now) that see in to your soul and only open of ur soul is dark enough] (the creed of the black knight(this is not writen on the cover…the cover is blank))

      “I’m a man with the blackest heart
      With a soul as dark, as the midwinter night.
      With eys of a demon, of the millions i slayn.
      I will only have one code of honer and the is my blade.”

      “I’ll chain im in my madness, as the battle draws near.
      Throw my screaming soul in to insanity.
      Let my empty body rutte in a armor of cold, black steel with a heart black as the eternal night it self as truth.”

      “My heart turns black, And my armor to.
      My blade shins crimson, just like my demonic eyes.
      I have no master, only my blood-stained path.
      Where will it take me? To my death?
      Then may it be by a man whos soul is darker then few”

      “You can’t see me for I’m darkness of fear. That darkness that will cover your eyes when you hear my battlecry.”

      “The chains of sanity can hold me no more. Battle is my futuer and in my footsteps i leave only death. ”

      “From mountens to boulders, from boulders to rocks.
      From rocks in to pebbles
      And from pebbles to dust.”

      “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
      To ashes,
      to ashes,
      to ashes,
      to ashes,
      to dust,
      to asher.
      Through dusk,
      to ashes,
      to ashes,
      to ashes,
      to ashes,
      to death”

      “There is no defens! Only ATTACK!
      There is no defeat or retret!
      Only the strength of ATTACK!”

      “-Death or Defeat?, roard the knight.
      The soldier can’t anwserd.
      -DEATH befor defeat!, Anwserd the knight for him.
      -But im tierd., the soldier replay.
      -Rest when u are dead!, said the knight who the soldier now coulde see had a armor black as night, colored by the blood of thousand.
      -So., the black knight said. Now…FIGTH ME!!!”

      “My only truth is the sving of my sword.”

      “As a warrior of the blackest heart, I have no king, no country.
      I have no one.
      Only me and my sword.”

    • [Urbal Shard’s note book]
      A civilien dresst royel guard came to our editorial and gave ous some juicy info and a mission to look into it.
      I was the one assignd to the mission.
      The info was about that some secret cult have tryde to assainait a high rankt member of the royel guard. The assasination faild and the assasin escept.
      [his mission was to revile the cult and track them down so the king could set a bouny on there heads and hunt them down.]
      The guard also gave me some weak info about the assasins escape route that he heard from other guards. One said he runned to the forest, another say to the cementary diraction.

      [Small nots here and there on the page…u know that kind that only the one writing it know the orderto read it][u can mix them around however u want]
      Litel girl. Big black. (Or) Monster. Metal-tail. Fast. Second way[alley][deadend]. Ghost[?]. [To] dark. [No] moon[?]. (Dream?)
      [it is a litel girl he aska and she was tierd…it was l8 at night]

      Women. [The one he askt]Old man. Ninja. Dream[?].

      Sound of a small boom
      No clear anwser form people in town. Contineu in the woods.

      Blood. [Animal] footprints. Leafs. No footprints. [No]dead animals[there are blood and footprints that say that there wood be a dead animal in some places but there is no corpe].
      [down cut]spider web.
      glade. [surrounded by]dead trees. [on the ground in the glade is] burnd ground [formd] to [a] circle. [?:/]
      [he find a small gem in the middel of the out burnd circle]
      This litel black[dark purpule] gem must belong to the assasin or some kind of mage [(SPOILER!)both].
      I wonder if someone know anything about this gem?
      [the gem starts to vibrate in his hand when he try to write now (so if u can. Make a weard blury line here)]
      This stone must have a magic use or im going nuts…
      [the next page is torne out. But it can be find in a fireplace at a store for magic or magic gems. And the and the only word u can read out is] dark heart
      [but i think that the player have to look many times to find it. Like if the player first look it say “it is a fireplace. Looks good.” Or something like that and the same thing over and over and in the end it say something like “Oh?. A burnd paper peace that have something writen on it” or something like that… I dont want my secret side story to be so easy to find out u know ;)][and then the player can ask the owner (and only after the peace is find in the fireplace) what “Dark Heart” is and the owner will look a bit sceared by it but after telling that u find the paper peace he/she will tell][owner: It was a journalist that came here and asket about them and fooleshly hade one of thos curest things with him. It i a gem of great dark power that NO ONE can control. Just becouse he hade that dame thing in my store i didn’t get any custemers in a week. [all of them got injurd/killd on there way to the store] the journalist was noteing it all down so i just rippt that page out so no one that seace power can get to them…[the owner gos silent and the player have to win the owners trust that he is not seacing for the power(that thay can’t get), if the player want the owner to contineu.](after that) owner: Ok, I will tell you. There is said that there was a count [Mass] that one day bouthe many carts of Dark Hearts for unknown reason and the day after his whole castle lookt like it hade been abanent for many years. Neither the count nore the gems where find. People that live close by the ruine rumer that thay heare encanting mumbeling and see black robed people at the night of the full moon.[the player can get there and see them but will get pwnd=u can’t win over them. Just as a nicer way to say “no, wrong way”. But at day the player can investergate the ruins.]
      [To Be Contineu… If u like it so far… If no, i will stop this idée…]

  2. [contineu on the creed of the black knight](most fact)[my fact]

    “Why should you, a warrior whos heart dosen’t even belong to him self, follow orders of man who can’t even fight his own battle without a army by his side?”

    “The armor of a black knight isn’t made black. Thay turn black just as the knights heart do after many battles and a lote of blood. Blood that have sockt there armor and turnd it black by it all”

    “A black knight is drawn to battle like a raven is drawn to death.”

    “People say that black knights are spawn of hell or possessed by a demon. No, thay are only great warriors that is obsessed with inproving there skills. This men seek battle to find a worthy opponent to find and test his skills on. And even if thay die by the blade of a worthy opponent thay have died with honer, even if thay think thay die with honer or if thay feel there soul is free… Death by a weak opponent is not the way to die for a true black knight.”

    “There is a diffrens a black knight and an knight wearing black.

    1) Offens is there only Defens.
    Most real black knight don’t use shield. Only some use it in as a weapon in there special fightingstil.

    2) Black knights fights alone.
    It is hard to keep more then one black knight in a gruppe becous thay will constantly challenge each other to see how is the strongast. So most black knight fight alone.

    3) A black knight don’t have horses.
    Only a few black knights are riding horses, either thay see the horse as a burden, a wast of time, a strong advantage in battle, a thing to hold his weapon and food, a mortal creatuer that is in the way of battle… And those who have a horse mostly have it in battle and keep it as the only living thing thay care for.

    4) Thay don’t fight for money and serve no Lord.
    Even if the black are highly requested by kings and generals to join there army for there skill, thay are not intressed in gold or gems. There only greed is the greed for battle and blood, so if a king can”hire” a black knight he MUST be able to saddesfy the knights lust for battle or he will very soon make the other soldiers fighte him.

    5) The last man standing is the man I will fight.
    Often when a huge battle is coming it attract many black knights to the battle field, thay usually don’t join a side in the battle, only coming to slay.
    Even if the battle between the opposing sids is over, the many black knights are still looking for survivors and fighting amongst them self. Most black knights seek the last man standing of the enemy sides becous thay see that he/she is the strongast of all of them all and it will be a circle of battle.

    6) There is alot of and sadness in the armor of a black knight.
    The anger of a black knight is nothing to joke about. Many black knights use there rage as there strongast weapon. Like in a battlecry or as a sourc of energy to keep on fighting.
    There anger can come from many diffren things, But even how curious you may be NEVER ask a black knight what it is or he will mostly kill you where you stand, only in death a black knight will show his true face. Exempels on what that soruce of rage/sadness can come from: the black knight have lost his warhores, the black knight have hade to kill his own family or just one, some one have killd the black knights family, the black knight can’t find a worthy opponent either to die in true battle or just to show his skills…

    7) There hearts is hard to reach.
    It happens time to time that a black knights broken black heart have been heald by the touch of a women thay then fall in love with. But this is very unusel events and most black knights have long lost there humanety and with that forgot the strange feeling of love so thay for the most part kills the women to get rid of those feelings. But even if a black knight have put down his sword for love there are still many others that still seek a strong opponent and might seek out to fight him. And in many cases thay kill there wife to reawake there will to fight.

    [good reading. And plz tell me wat u think of my texts]

  3. [If im aloud to i like to add a character to the game…he will not do much but is a part of my storys and is a link to multipul lifs of Mass’s secret influens on the world…](this can be changt and adden as a rumer or story)
    In a alley in a big city/town there sits a homeless man, he is not a begger for he is not begging for neither food or money, he is just siting there and mumbles about “the coming destruction” and “the wrath of the dark lord” and stuff like that. People that have tryd to help he or talk to him says have been very glumy when thay exit the alley and not long after there meeting with the man thay go missing.
    People that walk by the alley daily clame that there some times are three weard kids sitting in the alley with him and listen to the man singing some kind of song.
    Some People say the kids is demons. One is deformd, one is fat and one is skiny as a stick.
    All of the kids looks to be around 10 years old and thay all have stitches all over there bodys.

    The man never leave the alley and never move. You may wonder why he don’t go out in public and tell everyone about the “coming destruction”. Many people think he is afraid to be seen in public [thay are right] and that no one will lisen to his words anyway.

    [the man has no feet or lips couse he have eaten them so he wont starv (dont ask how or y). He is known as “the prophet of death” his real name (in this world and life) is Urbal Shard (made it up on the spot :P)and he was a “journalist” and y he became like this will i tell u l8er. But the player can see him, hear his mumbles, talk to him but dont makes any sens of what he is saying and if he speak with him the player start to get ambust by “unknown” ppl in robes (i tell u l8er) and after a while the player have passt the man (the player dont have to talk to him if this to happend),
    The alley that the man was sitting in is crouded by ppl and if the player go in to see what has happend he/she will see that the man is spiket to the wall with one spike in his throte and one in each hand. His thung is cut of and his stomach is torn up.(who did it will i tell u l8er!!! Take it easy!). The kids are a other story…(for the last time i tell u l8er!)]

  4. [Life:2]
    Day: 1
    Somehow this diary is what I have been searct for in over 35 years. I have forseen this day coming in a long time now. And now holding it in my hands i can now feel knowling from my pass life return to me.
    I now hear the wispers and feel the pressents of the spirit of truh and silenc.
    It is a real miracel that I find it in a librarie and not in a damp tomb. Here it has keept whole and dry.
    To get it out of here without the librarian will be easy with this reawaken power, the problem will be the five people who treavel with me. Can I trust them?

    Day: 2
    Yesterday the great spireit told me to leave the diary in the libery and wait for the right moment. It also wisperd that my questions about trust woulde be awnser today the day after.
    I follow its words and told the man I was treaveling with that the book was in there.

    And as the spirit forseen two of the man was die in there beds next morning, one still asleep and the last two was gonne. So I thought thay went to town to get the book. I was right by being hit by the sight of seeing the libery on flames. At first I was stund by the thought that the diary was lost in the flames when I heard something from the alley behinde me and when I turn around I saw one of the two men holding the diary in right hand and the left on his stomach trying to stop a bleeding.

    He gave me the diary and told me he was suspicious about the other man and tricket him. When thay find the diary he tryd to kill the sinner he was to fast and it ended up in a fight. in the end the first man won. He also told that he was the one setting fire to the libery to erase the evedens but that when he pickt up the diary he to heard the voice of the spirit of silenc and feelt the burden of a sinner.

    But I tell you now my dear friend that by beliving in my visions and give me this holy book your sacrifice we never be forgotten and your sinns of lying and destroying knowledge is forgiven with your death as its only payment. Rest in peace and forever true silenc.

    [Life: 2]
    Day: 3
    Intresting enough. After telling the last man (who I named Töndra [yes i whan it to be ö not o…Ö=[au]or[øː]] becouse he didn’t have a name and he can’t speak) what happend to the others, he didn’t seen scared but understanding and he even started to dig a grave to the loyel man (how died by bloodloss as a sacrific for his sinns). Töndra seen to be very loyel to the spirits will and he is a great follower.

    But now with this book and all this power…
    The shadows will start to move to truth and darkness will turn in to light.

    My words is the silent ones words. My words is the words of the dead, the soundless and the forgotten.

  5. [Life:2]
    Me and Töndra have now been walking for three days and now finaly we reatch a town. A small one but a town where we might find new belivers and make our stand.
    By the knowledge of my past self I can easly be a priest of the town.
    By being a prest I will have no problem to spread my words and rally followers.
    But even so I can’t simply walk in and start to preach, I need to make people willing to lisen to me, and with the power of truth I have a plan.

    [this is the rumer of what he did]
    It’s said that in a small town in the_____ there is a priest who can tell a couples futuer by simpely hearing them saying “I love you” to each other from the bottme of there heart.
    He can for example tell if there love is true or if it will only end up in broken hearts, if one of them are/will be cheating or even if one of them will die in a horribly way.
    Many couples that have askt for his guidance say later on in there lifes that it was true and everything he said would happen, happend.
    [add if u want to]
    (Some people also say that he can contact the dead if you want to. Maybe aske your ancestors for guidance or just there forgivness.)

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