Voice Actors? Perhaps.

I do have the ability to have the characters in Sanctuary be voiced over, and I desire them be, but I lack the voices…so again I am letting it be known that Fenrir Studios is looking for volunteers to lend thier voices to Sanctuary. Think about, you could be the voice of the main character or megala-boss! Just email me if you’re interested(marcusstanley16@gmail.com) and send me mp3’s or whatever of the following:


  • Attacking
  • Skill
  • Cut-in aka Special Phrase
  • Low On Health

I can use more, but this gives the general idea.

I’m sure we all know where he voice acts…


Quick Update: Sanctuary Innermost Feelings Demo

I have the redone version ready to upload, but I left it on my home computer. This version contains:

  • Entirely redone game mechanics
  • Several more books of lore
  • Access to the entire game content that has been developed
  • Two more added party members
  • Fire Emblem Weapon Triangle
  • Classes
  • You can visit the country Sutherland-directly west of Avangelist(which reminds me I need to upload a world map)
  • The big boss battle of Igneel is completely redone.