Writers, where art thou? Cometh unto thy grace!

…yeah, I might have tried too hard for that title.


As of right now, Fenrir Studios needs WRITERS, STORYWRITERS, anyone who can tell a tale in a logical manner. I have made the executive decision on reshaping the story around Sanctuary but I lack the ability to write in logical ways. As it stands now, any progress is pretty much at a halt while I recruit some writers. If you reading this are interested, email me. I can not stress the urgency and importance of this!



HUGE(Not really)UPDATE

Schniezel, the man who would be the central antagonist…has reformed. Since I find Sorrow extremely more appealing as a central antagonist , he(it) is now and Schniezel is something else(if I even keep his character) What this means is that the story thus far will have to edited but it shouldn’t be too much and it will be interesting. If there is a kind soul that wouldn’t mind being the story-writer for Sanctuary I would appreciate as I’m not really that good.

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Sanctuary: Another Story

Well this is a screenshot from a short visual novel-esque ova(?) of Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings. I have been toying with the idea for a while now about a game revolving around the enigmatic Goddesses of the world and when this forum I am active on hosts a contest for a game to be made within a month I saw a opportunity. Everything is still in the air now, but this will be a lighthearted and hopefully humorous game. As of now, as it will likely stand, there are to be no battles in this game nor any standard rpg exploring, but your typical visual novel experience. It should also be said that, the events that will take place in it will not necessarily correlate or be canon with the original game. The biggest example I can think of now, though I might end up incorporated it into the original is the Fire Goddess Maika, who is planned to be exclusive to this game and will not even exist in the original. Depending on how I develop her character, anything could happen. This visual novel will not have any specific character that it will be viewed from, but sort of like instances of dynamic dialog and branching based on that.

Not much of any character dev on her, maybe hotheaded or quick to enrage, like I said, really early in development


Sanctuary Demo Up Again


I have been posting the various new features and updates about Sanctuary, but it means nothing if no one uses it. Well that ends today, as I finally managed to upload the revised and extended demo. You can get it here or on the Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings page. The only feature that I currently disabled is “Coresmithing” which is essentially enchanting weapons. This is because I forgot to update the system with the Fire Emblem weapons. Remember you need to have the RMVX RTP downloaded and installed to play.