Meet Cethorp

While I’m wrapping up things for the demo, I’ll showcase a location in the Vermillion controlled Sutherland country:


  • Cethorp
  • Cethorp is the location of the 2nd House of Kyoto. There are Six Houses of Kyoto throughout Sutherland, three to the Vermillion controlled territory and three to the Avangelist controlled territory. Voting is done on a majority principle. Here, farmers work for their landlord, the leader of the 2nd House of Kyoto(whose name I can’t remember). They’re complaints of neglect, abuse, and rape, but if the farmers try to leave, heavy fines are put on them by the owner for leaving in mid farming season. Their only salvation is his wife, Shinchiro, a gentle and caring young woman. However, in Sutherland, the wife is subordinate to the husband of the household by custom, and has no claim to any ownership while the husband is alive or has any male offspring;which she is incapable of. However there haveĀ talkingĀ in the dead of night of a plot to save the desperate farmers and Shinchiro…
  • Trivia:
    • The Six Houses of Kyoto were prominent families that did not resist and even aided invading Vermillion and Avangelist troops when Vermillion invaded Sutherland.
    • Avangelist only aided Vermillion, because it knew that Sutherland would be crushed and knew that Vermillion would attempt to enslave the entire nation, and wanted to be a super power afterwards as well.