I’ll take a update…and POST IT!!!


Well, its been almost a year since I created this blog, and it’s been pretty interesting. Its the successor to the old website codegeassrmvx.ucoz.com and hopefully in the future I plan on buying a domain for it. Now to them updates:

  • Mass has joined our(or at least NOW I can say our) ranks as the story writer. He has been influential in the past(most importantly it was through his ideas that Sanctuary was re-imagined) and I know that he will continue to be an asset. As always we are still open for new members, everyone can contribute in some way, even if its just advertising with internet banners(which I need to make…)
  • Sanctuary was experiencing some slowdowns due to how the game-play flows and the problems associated with play-testing it. Now we’re on the better end of battle in that regard.
  • Still eager for comments about Claymore, as it is a experimental project that may or may not have continuation(and I really want to continue it, but not if it is a bad game or a bad idea)
  • Iscariot still needs someone with programming(Ruby-RGSS2) knowledge to design the skills in-game. They are very important to game-play, and really makes the game stick out from other tactical games.
  • Sanctuary: Another Story is a visual novel spinoff of the original game. If there is someone or a group of people interested in being a part of it, PLEASE contact us. I am very eager to see this parody come to life.
  • I would like for Fenrir Studios to have its own personalized logo. I could do it myself, but I kind of suck at those things and besides, I want to make it more community connected. If you are interested in having your logo appear in every Fenrir Studios game, please contact us. As all Fenrir Studio games are freeware, all work involved is voluntary; just keep that in mind.

If we can achieve at least one of these goals by the end of May(which would be this website anniversary of being created) that would be great.

Until next time,

Broken Messiah – Fenrir Studios


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