Get it? 'cause the Nobodies don't exist...or something, KH lore is some damn confusing.

Why We Exist

Today I experienced several things:

  • Things can escalate quickly.
  • I have no more schoolwork.
  • We have fans.

When I first started making, or trying to make a games it was because I really wanted to play a Code Geass english game. However at the time, and even 4-5 years later, there are still no official english Code Geass games. In fact, counting Code Geass: Painful Memories, there is only one other Code Geass game in english being developed. As you know-or don’t, that 4 year project was too large-scale and grandiose for a team of 1, and is currently discontinued.

Claymore was posted here a little over a month ago, as well as a poll to show how subscribers felt about the game and whether or not it should be continued, a side project, or abandoned. This is because we currently are working on Sanctuary(which has been hit by a setback), while Iscariot and Another Story are also in production. It’s been awhile since the poll has been up and 2(count ’em!) people voiced their opinions on the matter. The problem is, that…well they both chose two different options which ultimately doesn’t mean anything since there is no majority, or even a good amount of research collected. I then chose to work on it in my choosing, but here is what really iterated why we can not stop making Claymore:


This user from expressed, in short, their support for this game. It really made feel justified and happy for doing this, because as a Monster Hunter fan, I can tell you that is very annoying having to deal with games not being localized. So Alza1234, from Fenrir Studios to you, we thank you for your support and we will continue working on it.


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