The Darkevir

Symbol_by_SeraphimProphetsThe Darkevir is a resistance group that publicly announced itself as a sworn enemy to all foreign affairs in Sutherland. They exist all over the country and terrorize the Vermillion and Avangelist civilians. Their goal is to return Sutherland to its traditional ways before it was divided by the superpowers. They routinely attempt attacks on areas and people of interest, and are even assumed responsible for the collapse of the Haruka Mines, which led to the death of hundreds of Sutherland and Vermillion workers. It is considered an act of terrorism to speak of them and many citizens are put in work prisons for this. Even still, the Sutherlanians look toward silently as they believe in the Darkevir’s plan for a new Sutherland, free from its oppressors.

Their leader is merely known as Hero, a shadowy figure,who may or may not even exist. Hero is considered to be a symbol and as such, anyone can be Hero, or no one at all. Regardless of his\her existence, the impact that the Darkevir have had on foreign influence is undeniable. Much of the harder to reach/maintain areas of Sutherland that is controlled by Vermillion has been abandoned. Vermillion and Avangelist diplomats are terrified to visit the region, and the Darkevir have such a vast network of communication that it is almost impossible to be caught by surprise from the militaries.

It is possible for Horo to join the Darkevir as an associate. As he gains there trust, his actions will have a strong impact on the terrorists and the future of the nation itself. Will you crush the resistance and bring peace and order to the war stricken land? Or will you work to expel the foreign menace and bring Sutherland back into its glory? Like most other things, the choice is yours, but granted by Goddess Shi’s will.


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