Wild Update Appeared!


  • Dropped the “Innermost Feelings” part of the name due to irrelevance
  • Removed the complicated skill learning and equiping system
  • Designed some more sidequests
  • Made progress on main quest
  • Created some interesting lore about the nation Sutherland
  • Created a Newbie School in Avangelist capital Genesis, just in case you didn’t know something in game
  • Initially to really begin the mainquest you had to have a relationship with the Six Goddesses in the game of atleast 20, though this seemed impractical so I reduced it to 10


  • About 2/10 of the game story done
  • Changed graphics of mechs to Gundam sprites from the RPG Maker Game Gundam Tactics, I tried to get in contact with the creator, no luck so far…
  • Still need a scriptor for the skill effects…

Enter Iscariot

Iscariot is to be a short mecha tactical game with a strong but short story. It is planned to be finished before Christmas, though at the end of the year in the extreme. You can find a page dedicated to it under “Games”. Any feedback to the demo of it would be welcome.