It’s Raining So…

…I should be working on schoolwork right now, but it’s really boring I feel the urge to post! Not much in the line of meaningful updates for the games or general news, in fact this post isn’t directly related to that stuff at all; it’s about North Korea.

Chances are you’ve heard the latest stream of news coming from “bellicose”( I’ve seen this word so many times in recent that I hate it) towards the world, specifically North America, Japan, and South Korea. I won’t pretend that I am an expert on what’s going on or know all the facts, but basically the DPRK(Derpy Democatic People’s Republic of Korea) believes that it needs nuclear weapons to defend itself against the global community. What nation in this modern period wants ANYTHING to do with North Korea? China is their only ally of relevance and I doubt that relationship is reliable. My problem is they spend all their resources on their military(which is hopelessly outdated anyway) and not on the impoverish and starving masses. I also blame the world itself for just letting all the in humanities that occur their to happen while we just pretend it doesn’t matter. Remember what happen when the world just turned a blind eye to Nazi Germany? Now with the “Threat of the Day” specials from North Korea, Americans are acting with either characteristic:

Begging North Korea to attack us so that our missile defense system can take them down and then start a nuclear holocaust on North Korea and its citizens.

Synomynizing Kim as a child and referring to him as “Fatty”

The problem with warmongers is that North Korea isn’t causing issues, its Kim and the ideology that his family and the government are teaching, brainwashing the ignorant civilians. It wouldn’t be wise just “Frag Out” and cause the deaths of millions, but maybe something more covert…

Calling Kim a child and other names do nothing more than make a serious situation appear light. Yes this isn’t the first time that North Korea has issued suicidal threats in hopes of economic relief, but this time Kim has dug a hole for himself. He is still relatively new in office and needs to show strength in front of his people, and specifically his military. I don’t believe he expected the US to call his bluffs, and now is being pushed in a corner. Will he fail to deliver and become the laughing-stock of the world(not that he isn’t already) and face the negative effect among his people? Or will he become so desperate that he makes the move that wipes out North Korea?

China is a strong ally on his side, but that was 40 years ago when it was in China’s interests. Now China is an economic powerhouse, surpassing even the US, the last thing they would want is to become involved in a war of no gain for them. China has been in a shadow war with America since the Cold War, while not directly engaging America, they’ve been linked to several conflicts that America has been involved in to stop. What I’m saying, is that to take the situation with North Korea seriously and not be “Arm Chair Generals”. That’s it guys, until next time!


Voice Actors? Perhaps.

I do have the ability to have the characters in Sanctuary be voiced over, and I desire them be, but I lack the voices…so again I am letting it be known that Fenrir Studios is looking for volunteers to lend thier voices to Sanctuary. Think about, you could be the voice of the main character or megala-boss! Just email me if you’re interested( and send me mp3’s or whatever of the following:


  • Attacking
  • Skill
  • Cut-in aka Special Phrase
  • Low On Health

I can use more, but this gives the general idea.

I’m sure we all know where he voice acts…

Monster Hunter…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the game franchise. For those of you who haven’t its a series of games that have you set as a Hunter for hire to slay colossal monsters ranging from dinosaurs to dragons. Armed with a vast array of weaponry and armor you take these beasts on solo or in a multiplayer party. When I first tried this game I didn’t care for the slow pace and hard learning curve this game(Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) so I gave it up for Gods Eater Burst(Fenrir Studios banner is the Marduk aragami from it’s sequel God Eater 2). Hands down, as it stands Gods Eater Burst is my all time favorite game because of how fast pace and exciting the game is with incredibly dynamic battles and a great storyline. Well, after reaching 70-80ish hours into Gods Eater Burst I decided that I would try similar titles again. There is Lord of Arcana, which at first sucked horribly, but you have to give it time and Monster Hunter.  After playing MHFU for a few hours today, I feel like it can be enjoyable as Gods Eater Burst, I just have to stick with it.