Sanctuary: Sorrow’s Embrace

Thank you for thanking interest in Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings, it is the result of several months of work and school neglect. It has went through a multitude of redesigns and it is our belief that the current version is the peak of our ability. Working on Innermost Feelings has increased dramatically our aptitude at designing a game. If the person reading this is a fellow Game Designer or one who uses creativity, then we have some advice which might prove beneficial,” If when you test it hundreds of times and constantly critique every moment for faults and you still find it enjoyable to play, then you have made a game that is truly fun.” If you have work that was involved in making this and did not receive credit or would like to contact us, our contact information is at the end of the manual. We hope you enjoy playing Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings and much as we did creating it.

-Broken Messiah
Lead Game Designer

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The world is by is divided between 3 separate nations, Seraphim, Constanel, and Stransfell Union. Although all three nations are vastly different from each other, each kept to their respective boundaries and peace was kept. However Stransfell Union was a nation built on bloodshed and war. Its entire population was either enlisted in the military or training to be enlisted. Unrest grew as the largest army ever known had no use, and looking for an outlet found one.

Stransfell invaded Constanel en masse with its entire force looking for nothing more the destruction of the weak and inferior. With over 6 million soldiers invading Constanel, the effect of such a mass movement could be felt like earthquake tremor in Constanels capital.

Defending themselves with the Biomechanical army it prized, it was only able to slow the rapid assault brought by the blood thirsty and fearless Stransfell Union. It was not enough as the mechanical warriors were slow to produce and the pilots to operate them were inexperienced with non mechanical combat.

No matter how many thousands of Stransfell perished, they never surrendered, fighting to the last, and attacking with a full force soon after. It a matter of weeks, Constanel was on its knees as Stransfell began a final assault on its capital-the only city not destroyed by Stransfell yet.

Seraphim, seeing that its estranged ally Constanel would be decimated by the evil Stransfell, used a lost form of magic that was given to them by Goddess Shi. No one knows what kind of magic it was or what it did, but Stransfell Union and Constanel forces were enveloped in flames and perished. Afterwards, the world was united under the only super power left – Seraphim.

The Goddess Shi did not gift Seraphim with this magic for destruction intensions as was shocked at how they used it. Promising never to allow such desolation by her hands again, she divided her spirit into the seven entities representing the various elements that contribute to life and the afterlife: The Sun, The Moon, Nature, Wind, Water, Time, and Fire. The Fire Goddess offspring, believing that it was her fault that the incident occurred, relinquished her godly powers and immortality to live in the mortal world she had scorched. Shi continued to exist as the collective consciousness of the seven goddesses, and as a result the Fire Goddess, although mortal would continuously reincarnate as long as the other goddesses existed. Eventually the effects of the war were lost with the flow of time, and the existence of Shi began to fade from memory as the world embraced the Six Goddesses.

However, even if the war is a faded memory, it never died. The souls of both the Constanel and Stransfell Union numbered over 9000. These souls refused to enter the realm of Lilium, the Goddess of Time and the Neverrealm, offspring to Shi. Their united despair and will lead to the creation of a leader for them-Sorrow. Sorrow was the vessel of all 9000 souls, but 2 were his dominant souls that controlled the other souls. Sorrow led his souls into Void, a realm that lies between the world of the living and the afterlife. Centuries later, Sorrow plans to resurrect his army of souls and to destroy the descendants of Seraphim-the modern world.


The story follows the experiences Horo Schiffer and his allies have as graduates of a school for introducing the way the world works. Through doing good deeds he gains the favor of the various goddesses and eventually is allowed access to their shrines, a feat rarely achieved any more. At the same time the entity known as Sorrow puts in motion a plan to open a path between dimensions to allow for his now immortal army to return to the living world and to crush Seraphim; which now comprises of most of humanity. Later on Horo will becme directly involved in this inter-dimensional conflict and find out that his ancestors may have been responsible for Stransfell Unions fate.





Horo Schiffer:
Youth fresh out of Newbie School ready to make his mark on the world, however when he invited to a historical royal wedding in Sutherland he becomes plunged into a conflict thousands of years in the making.


Theo Vanguard:
When he was younger, in a seemingly arbitrary act of extreme violence, the entire Vanguard family was killed by a mysterious man known as Jagerjaques. Jagerjaques somehow managed to obtain a barrier that didn’t allow for entering or leaving the area. Theo witnessed the murders as he remained helpless. Ever since he met Horo, his desire for revenge has been calmed. However he vows that he would track down Jagerjaques. Theo prefers to hide his emotions and doesn’t like to rely on anyone. The Vanguards have strong military characteristics in their blood which seems to be why he is a natural at fighting.


Yukino Sincine:
Noble born into one of the most renown Magically skilled families in Vermillion, she could easily live a lavish life in luxury. However, when she saw the growing separation of social classes and how lower class Mages couldn’t hope to be accepted at the Maginstitude, she decided that she would work towards change for equality in the system. Being very potent in Mana, she excels at the various Disciplines but lacks in strength and defense. As she becomes more familiar with Theo, a feint relationship is developed that could blossom in something more.


Trish Voltaire:
A member of the royal family in Duskmoon, she was the 3rd Princess in line to rule until her father, the King, divorced the Queen. Only the offspring of the Queen can inherit the throne, and the King desired that his only son, from another woman, be King. As a result, the Queen and her children were stripped of their titles. Living in the shadow of the new royal family, she wishes to reclaim her status and rid Duskmoon of the oppressive new kingdom. Trish, contrary to her status and upbringing, believes that life is more fun in the eyes of a commoner and as a result, she behaves in such a manner. Since Avangelist is bitter rivals with Duskmoon, the Voltaire family was reported to have died in a coup for power. Thus, no one knows that she is the 3rd Princess. She is skillful at providing support in battle. Horo, for reasons unknown, feels protective of her, despite his relative new relation with her.

Game World:

The world of old has long since been left to history. Several nations have developed since and prospered:
• Avangelist:
o Wide plains stretch across the land which most of the food in the world is produced. Avangelist, known as the land of Angels, has several Seraphim historic sites and is believed to be Seraphim’s homeland. Most of the civilians have little aptitude towards magic, despite the greatest school of magic being exclusively there. Avangelist and Vermillion are politically tied into the mutually owed Sutherland. Not wanting Vermillion to become more powerful than them, they invade Sutherland as well. Unlike the radical reforms done by Vermillion, life for the Avangeslist controlled region was better as the public was unified and Avangelist made no moves to oppress them.
• Vermillion:
o Home to the greatest mana users ever to be born, the average newborn has more mana than that of a fully grown Sutherlian. With exceptions, the common belief among Vermillion citizens is that anyone not full born of Vermillion are of a lesser form of human, and particularly disagree with Avangelist’s claim to Seraphim’s homeland. They are the only nation in the world that institutes slave labor. Slavery exists along their controlled territory in Sutherland, and Sutherlian men are put to work in the harsh thick woodlands.
• Sutherland:
o A land once feared for their mastery of weapons and combat, Sutherland is now a shadow of its original self. Vermillion seeking to ‘reform’ the conflict driven people. Despite their best effort, Sutherland’s military was fractured and hard to organize. Knowing that eventually Vermillion would be able to make a strong enough push into its heartland, Sutherland quickly accepted the questionable aid of Avangelist. However their alliance turned out to be false as Avangelist was secretly sided with Vermillion, and the two militaries crushed the devastated nation in a little over a month. Sutherland was divided, and the government was replaced by a puppet institution. A group of individuals known as Darkevir has made it known that they intend to remove foreign influence- by any means required.
• Duskmoon:
o The Shen Gaoren Desert claims the lives of many unprepared travelers. The bloody brigands claim even more. Duskmoon took an isolationist approach to the war with Sutherland, and afterwards has a constant fear of Vermillion turning its attention to it, and many Avangelians who disagreed with Avangelists involvement also now have abandoned Duskmoon. However, it is unlikely that either nation will invade Duskmoon due to the vast inhabitable land, and little else to gain.
• Incidia:
o Not actually a nation and has no government, it is an isolated island for the worlds exiles, people who have committed crimes against humanity and nature. This prison has no cells, buildings or even guards. Escape is impossible due to magical barriers surrounding the island in a sphere. The prisoners due as they please, but away from society. Groups begin to form, and power is given to those who can claim it. However, as of late there has been thoughts of an escape plan…

Game Progression:

a. Sanctuary is a non-linear game created with games such as Oblivion in mind, where the player has the option of advancing the main quest line at their own leisure, or exploring and interacting with the world and its inhabits at will. Some aspects of the game will not accessible until certain stages of the main quest are done, and how the game tells the story will be altered based on actions-or the absence of actions of the player. The player’s party members all have quest lines that are directly relevant to them, and not related to the main quest line. These allow for deeper character development and variety. In the beginning of the game, the main quest line doesn’t actually start until the player gain the favor a goddess, which are gained through praying or offering a offer at their shrines or behaving in ways that reflect that Goddesses beliefs. Sanctuary also has at the end of the main quest, the option to continue the game or see the epilogue, which is reflective on the actions made during the game.

Various Factions:

a. The Military:
i. The countries around the world have militaries which may require assistance from time to time, and some can even be joined.
b. Darkevir:
i. Resistance group with the goal of removing all foreign affairs from Sutherland and the return to the original government. Joinable.
c. Project Reality:
i. A group of scientists and archeologists who desire to uncover various secrets of the world, such as the hidden kingdom of Aqualia. Joinable
d. Maginstitude:
i. Mystical home to the greatest magical minds this world has to offer; almost all of its student body is from Vermillion. Joinable
e. Water Elves “Water Maidens”:
i. Mysterious human species that resides in the kingdom of Aqualia, which has never been seen and is guarded by a Sentinel.

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