Get it? 'cause the Nobodies don't exist...or something, KH lore is some damn confusing.

Why We Exist

Today I experienced several things:

  • Things can escalate quickly.
  • I have no more schoolwork.
  • We have fans.

When I first started making, or trying to make a games it was because I really wanted to play a Code Geass english game. However at the time, and even 4-5 years later, there are still no official english Code Geass games. In fact, counting Code Geass: Painful Memories, there is only one other Code Geass game in english being developed. As you know-or don’t, that 4 year project was too large-scale and grandiose for a team of 1, and is currently discontinued.

Claymore was posted here a little over a month ago, as well as a poll to show how subscribers felt about the game and whether or not it should be continued, a side project, or abandoned. This is because we currently are working on Sanctuary(which has been hit by a setback), while Iscariot and Another Story are also in production. It’s been awhile since the poll has been up and 2(count ’em!) people voiced their opinions on the matter. The problem is, that…well they both chose two different options which ultimately doesn’t mean anything since there is no majority, or even a good amount of research collected. I then chose to work on it in my choosing, but here is what really iterated why we can not stop making Claymore:


This user from expressed, in short, their support for this game. It really made feel justified and happy for doing this, because as a Monster Hunter fan, I can tell you that is very annoying having to deal with games not being localized. So Alza1234, from Fenrir Studios to you, we thank you for your support and we will continue working on it.


Bad News Bears

Well, as the title says, bad news be here. I have lost the most recent version of Sanctuary, and have to fall  back on a slightly older version. I haven’t fully taken a look at it to see how older, but it seems to be pretty recent(Glad I’ve been slacking off on Sanctuary!) I did upload the modern version to Dropbox but apparently, it didn’t overwrite a older backup. Well that’s about it folks, but to not leave on a somber tone I give you lols:

I’ll take a update…and POST IT!!!


Well, its been almost a year since I created this blog, and it’s been pretty interesting. Its the successor to the old website and hopefully in the future I plan on buying a domain for it. Now to them updates:

  • Mass has joined our(or at least NOW I can say our) ranks as the story writer. He has been influential in the past(most importantly it was through his ideas that Sanctuary was re-imagined) and I know that he will continue to be an asset. As always we are still open for new members, everyone can contribute in some way, even if its just advertising with internet banners(which I need to make…)
  • Sanctuary was experiencing some slowdowns due to how the game-play flows and the problems associated with play-testing it. Now we’re on the better end of battle in that regard.
  • Still eager for comments about Claymore, as it is a experimental project that may or may not have continuation(and I really want to continue it, but not if it is a bad game or a bad idea)
  • Iscariot still needs someone with programming(Ruby-RGSS2) knowledge to design the skills in-game. They are very important to game-play, and really makes the game stick out from other tactical games.
  • Sanctuary: Another Story is a visual novel spinoff of the original game. If there is someone or a group of people interested in being a part of it, PLEASE contact us. I am very eager to see this parody come to life.
  • I would like for Fenrir Studios to have its own personalized logo. I could do it myself, but I kind of suck at those things and besides, I want to make it more community connected. If you are interested in having your logo appear in every Fenrir Studios game, please contact us. As all Fenrir Studio games are freeware, all work involved is voluntary; just keep that in mind.

If we can achieve at least one of these goals by the end of May(which would be this website anniversary of being created) that would be great.

Until next time,

Broken Messiah – Fenrir Studios

Update to Sanctuary: Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Revisions here and there
  • Updated Plot:

“The story follows the experiences Horo Schiffer and his allies have as graduates of a school for introducing the way the world works. Through doing good deeds he gains the favor of the various goddesses and eventually is allowed access to their shrines, a feat rarely achieved any more. At the same time the entity known as Sorrow puts in motion a plan to open a path between dimensions to allow for his now immortal army to return to the living world and to crush Seraphim; which now comprises of most of humanity. Later on Horo will becme directly involved in this inter-dimensional conflict and find out that his ancestors may have been responsible for Stransfell Unions fate.”

I want to add more, but it would lead to spoilers…

Sanctuary Demo Up Again


I have been posting the various new features and updates about Sanctuary, but it means nothing if no one uses it. Well that ends today, as I finally managed to upload the revised and extended demo. You can get it here or on the Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings page. The only feature that I currently disabled is “Coresmithing” which is essentially enchanting weapons. This is because I forgot to update the system with the Fire Emblem weapons. Remember you need to have the RMVX RTP downloaded and installed to play.

Voice Actors? Perhaps.

I do have the ability to have the characters in Sanctuary be voiced over, and I desire them be, but I lack the voices…so again I am letting it be known that Fenrir Studios is looking for volunteers to lend thier voices to Sanctuary. Think about, you could be the voice of the main character or megala-boss! Just email me if you’re interested( and send me mp3’s or whatever of the following:


  • Attacking
  • Skill
  • Cut-in aka Special Phrase
  • Low On Health

I can use more, but this gives the general idea.

I’m sure we all know where he voice acts…

Team Schiffer vs Administration!

Welcome to the Administrative Challenge Arena! Here any complaints the citizens of the Seraphim Empire have against their government or any domestic dispute outcome is determined. Here is Team Schiffer(right) vs Administrator Randolph’s Fraccion(Left). What makes battling here different than any other area? Here the battle landscape arbitrarily changes which has adverse effects on the battle participants!

Weapon Triangle Complete!

Well, with the weapons and classes taken from Fire Emblem, it only makes since that I’d have a Weapon Triangle in Sanctuary: Innermost Feelings.

In case you’re unsure of what that is, it is a concept that a sword user would win against a axe user, a axe user would win against a lance, and lance user would win against a sword. This brings a all new strategy to bringing characters and weapons to battle. There are also the ‘exception’ weapons such as Swordslayer, a axe that reverses the triangle, making it good against swords and weak against lances.

There may also be a Magic Triangle(or polygon of some sort)…

Just to note, Bows do not fall into the triangle and are weak against all three types, but are effective against magic(logic being a spell-caster would be paranoid of being shot while casting a drawn out spell) and extremely effective against flying targets(compliments of the class system involving Pegasus and Wyverns, although this will also include any monster that normally flies.)

What do you guys think about the Magic Triangle and Bow? For Magic:

  • Agi(Fire)
  • Bufu(Ice)
  • Zio(Lightning)
  • Garu(Wind)

What would be a good advantage/disadvantage setup?

NOTE: Hama(Light) and Mudo(Darkness) do not fall under any triangle or advantage/disadvantage setup due to their instant death nature.

A Few Updates…

I have changed how the Horse Combat will be, whereas instead of there being a physical appearance of a horse-pegasus-wyvern it is to represented by an icon similar to how status effects are shown. This is because I do not know how to implement the original idea into the game. I was thinking something along the lines of how Magitek armor looked in Final Fantasy 6 but for now, it will be icons.

Smaller changes include weapons having level requirements, the removal of armor etc.

In other news, I changed the story to Remnant Squadron, however it is too early in the development stages for a dedicated page or more specific information. Well that’s all folks, until next time.