Update to Sanctuary: Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Revisions here and there
  • Updated Plot:

“The story follows the experiences Horo Schiffer and his allies have as graduates of a school for introducing the way the world works. Through doing good deeds he gains the favor of the various goddesses and eventually is allowed access to their shrines, a feat rarely achieved any more. At the same time the entity known as Sorrow puts in motion a plan to open a path between dimensions to allow for his now immortal army to return to the living world and to crush Seraphim; which now comprises of most of humanity. Later on Horo will becme directly involved in this inter-dimensional conflict and find out that his ancestors may have been responsible for Stransfell Unions fate.”

I want to add more, but it would lead to spoilers…


Team Schiffer vs Administration!

Welcome to the Administrative Challenge Arena! Here any complaints the citizens of the Seraphim Empire have against their government or any domestic dispute outcome is determined. Here is Team Schiffer(right) vs Administrator Randolph’s Fraccion(Left). What makes battling here different than any other area? Here the battle landscape arbitrarily changes which has adverse effects on the battle participants!

Materials Page? Maybe.

If you are a fellow RPGMAKER user then you would’ve at sometime went to a persons blog or website that hosted material that they created to be publically available. The best example I can think of is usui.moo.jp/rpg_tukuru.html. It’s where I get a large amount of the resources that I normally use, and me, being a passive spriter feel like I should be giving back more to the RPGMAKER community. For reasons mentioned, I think I may create a page dedicated to that. It would mostly be VX but really anything could be there. I might even take requests…